Modest end for German asparagus season

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Published Jun 29, 2023

Tridge summary

During the asparagus season, German parties had the upper hand in the market, but the supply had fallen significantly. Prices fluctuated due to weak demand and increased sales at the end of the season. Accommodation options and availability of apples and German products also declined. The market for other fruits such as strawberries and peaches had abundant availability, while supply for tomatoes and peppers increased but demand remained low.
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Original content

The asparagus season did not end very spectacularly: the German parties had the upper hand, but according to the BLE, the supply had fallen enormously. Accommodation options had also declined significantly. In terms of quality, customers had little to complain about; the offer continued to consist of beautiful, large specimens. Prices developed differently: on the one hand, they fell because demand was too weak. On the other hand, they increased because sales picked up again at the end of the season. In addition, some merchants had already withdrawn from the sale. The range was supplemented with white asparagus from the Netherlands and Poland and green asparagus from Peru, Mexico and Poland. Import prices also fluctuated as usual, always depending on availability and level of interest. Click here for the full market and pricing report. Apples and German products continued to dominate, but their availability had become somewhat limited. The quality was mostly convincing. Pears ...
Source: AGF
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