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New challenges for the hazelnut sector in Georgia

Updated May 23, 2022
According to the head of the Hazelnut Producers Association, Levan Kardava, the price of hazelnuts has fallen to 4-5 lari ($1.4-1.7) and no price increase is expected in the near future. In an interview with, Kardava said that the price settled at this level due to the strengthening of the lari against the dollar and the Turkish lira, as well as due to a drop in demand in Europe and the region, which created the prerequisites for relatively high stocks of Georgian walnuts left over from the previous season. .
According to various estimates, Georgian farmers still store between 7,000 and 12,000 tons of hazelnuts. Although, if no orders were received in February-March, then in April-May, Georgian processors perked up a little and began to gradually accept hazelnuts for processing. But both producers and processors believe that about 10% of the 2020/21 crop (5-6 thousand tons) will still remain in the hands of farmers and will be sold with a new walnut crop. “The low price of hazelnuts against the backdrop of rising fertilizer prices has caused dissatisfaction among farmers. But despite this, intensive work is expected to care for orchards, including with the support of the state, which finances pest control activities,” said Merab Chitanava, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association (GHGA). “We have introduced stricter control of aflatoxin levels and do not expect quality problems next season.” Also, Mr. Chitanawa announced the opening of a modern ...
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