New Zealand apples and pears: Fruits are smaller, export forecast down 10%

Published Jun 22, 2024

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This season's apple harvest is expected to be one of the best in recent years due to favorable summer weather conditions, despite the smaller apple size caused by last year's hurricane and spring weather. The quality of the apples is exceptional, with great taste and storage stability, leading to strong demand in major export markets and high consumer repurchase rates. The larger packaging plants have already finished their work, which may lead to a decrease in apple supply soon. However, the taste of this year's apples indicates that fruit trees affected by the hurricane have recovered better than anticipated.
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However, thanks to the special weather conditions in the summer of this season, the taste of the fruit and its performance in storage stability are the best in the industry in many years. The hot weather this season lasted for a long time, the weather was dry, and the nights were cool, so the taste and skin coloring of most varieties of apples were excellent. Morris introduced that "although the size of the apples is smaller than we expected, this season is one of the best harvest seasons in recent years. The demand in major export markets is strong, and the repurchase rate of consumers is also high due to the very high quality of the apples." Morris believes that the smaller size of apples is mainly due to the continued impact of Hurricane Gabriel last year and spring weather conditions. He added, "Smaller apples have appeared in every growing ...
Source: Foodmate
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