Nigeria: Why beans farmers should consider advice on new planting window

Dried Cowpea
Published Feb 20, 2023

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For the various ecologies in the country, the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) has identified planting windows for suitable cowpea, commonly known as beans.

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The windows would help farmers manage the vulnerability of climate change, according to Dr Jean Baptiste, regional representative for West Africa for the AATF, who revealed this during a visit to Pandagric Farms, close to Keffi, Nasarawa State. The dry season cowpea production being implemented by AATF includes the cowpea field in Panda, which is over 35 hectares in size. This will ensure that the variety produces at its peak when pest pressure and other climate vulnerabilities are absent. Dr Baptiste added that because of the effects of climate change, which include either too much or too little rainfall or an early end to the rainy season, beans are not producing at their optimum potentials, making it difficult for Nigerian farmers to collect their crops. "After a careful study of the situation, we have come to understand that because farmers are not guided on when to plant, crop productivity is often interrupted by climate uncertainties. The rain fall pattern for the country is ...
Source: All Africa
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