Argentina: The export of pork to Uruguay is more like a utopia than a reality

Published Jun 12, 2024

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Argentina and Uruguay have opened the Uruguayan market to Argentine pork, but no exports have occurred yet due to administrative procedures and the need for cuts to be approved. The opening of the Uruguayan market is more due to the floods in Brazil rather than Argentine diplomacy. The prices paid by Uruguayan importers are very low, and it would not be viable to export to Uruguay as the local market pays better. If exports do occur, they will likely involve trimmings or pork fat rather than the cuts.
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In the middle of last month, within the framework of the meeting of the Federation of Rural Associations of Mercosur (FARM), the authorities of Argentina and Uruguay announced the opening of the Uruguayan market to Argentine pork. The news of the opening of the Uruguayan market is undoubtedly something positive, but it is more due to the misfortune of Brazil, due to the floods in the south of that country and Uruguay's need for supplies than to Argentine diplomacy. “We are going to export pork to Uruguay,” Secretary Fernando Vilella told this reporter on that occasion that day, assuming something that for now is not materializing. “They say that some business was done, but for now nothing has happened because there is all the administrative procedure involved,” said Juan Uccelli, consultant and former president of the Association of Pork Producers. Beyond the fact that there are some plants enabled, the cuts must be approved among other issues. This was confirmed by businessmen ...
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