Oils become more expensive in the Ecuador without a shortage

Refined Sunflower Oil
Published Mar 20, 2022

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The international scenario, where there is concern that there will be a shortage of sunflower oil in about four weeks, as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as they are the suppliers of 28% and 33% respectively of this product in the world, raised the question whether Ecuador would go through a similar situation. The association of oil producers in Ecuador and experts consulted by Diario EXPRESO made it clear that the country's main suppliers of this type of oil are Bolivia and Argentina, therefore they have the raw material to serve customers normally. Without this not implying that they are attentive to the situation in Europe. However, the impact that the country is feeling, as in the rest of the world, is that oils have become more expensive. "Ecuador is an importing country of sunflower oil, the main sources of supply during 2021 were Bolivia (85%), Argentina (14%) and the European Union (1%), however, although our direct source of supply is not Ukraine the ...
Source: Expreso
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