Netherlands: Environmental tax on meat and VAT reduction incentive to invest

Published Apr 3, 2021

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March 30, Cees-Jan Adema, the new FNLI director, spoke about a meat tax. However, his statements show that he has not fully understood the proposals for a fair meat price. As in Germany, there is a plan in the Netherlands to make consumers pay more per kg of meat and to use the levy proceeds to support farmers in order to be able to invest extra in sustainability or animal welfare.

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According to Adema, a meat tax would not be an incentive to invest. That is not correct. Adema FNLI also puts members who produce meat substitutes such as Unilever (Vegetarian Butcher) very short, because they will increase their production and investments if a meat tax is introduced. This also applies to Beyond Meat, Vivera and Quorn and various companies that sell vegetables, nuts and mushrooms. A tax on meat is linked in various proposals to subsidies or VAT reductions on fruit and vegetables, of which, according to the Wheel of Five, we eat far too little, while meat consumption, especially among men, is twice the healthy diet and thus also leads to many health problems and high healthcare costs. Finally, a meat tax is no less complex or susceptible to fraud than other taxes. In Spain, the VAT on meat went from 8 to 10 percent in 2012, while the VAT on fruit and vegetables went to 4 percent. Lists with products that may or may not be seen as meat or vegetables or fruit have ...
Source: Levens
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