South Korea pork imports exceeded 300,000 tons

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South Korea
Published Aug 31, 2022

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As of the middle of this month, pork imports exceeded 300,000 tons. According to the industry, pork imports recorded 16,921 tons at the beginning of this month and 12,485 tons in the middle of this month, respectively, based on quarantine standards. Accordingly, the accumulated amount of this year until the middle of this month was 305,589 tons. Considering that the annual pork import volume last year was 332,757 tons, it is expected to approach last year's import volume in eight months.

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Last year's import volume in 8 months Domestic, holiday demand sales smooth Demand maintained by imports, affected by discount events In the midst of this, the Korea Meat Distribution and Export Association is showing a smooth sales situation for domestic pork due to the Chuseok holiday demand. analyzed as According to the association, as the price of pork carcass increased further due to the increase in auction demand in the wholesale market in preparation for Chuseok shipments from butchers, the price of some holiday items was raised. Of the butchers, the sales situation has improved due to the resumption of food service delivery and demand for holidays, and the market for hind legs and sirloin is still strong due to strong demand. Compared to the state (excluding Jeju), the price increased by 226 won per kg, and the price offered by the processing company increased by 500 won per kg for ribs, front leg, and tenderloin and 200 won for sirloin on a refrigerated basis. In terms ...
Source: Aflnews
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