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EU: Pear import from South Africa is increasing

Updated Mar 9, 2023
The end of the European pear season is approaching: availability had clearly decreased. Italian Abate Fetel, Williams Christ and Santa Maria still formed the basis of the offer, which was mainly supplemented by Conference from the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, mainly Xenia and Doyenné du Comice came from the Netherlands. German batches had almost completely disappeared from the market.
Turkish Santa Maria pears completed the range and cost 8 to 10 euros per 4.5 kg package in Berlin. According to the BLE, trading was relatively calm. The quality could no longer convince consistently, so the traders had to give discounts. Imports from South Africa increased: in addition to the ubiquitous Williams Bon Chretien, Cheeky, Rosemarie and Celina pears were also available. The demand for this was quite good, which improved the sales opportunities. Only specimens that were too small received less attention. The first Chilean Ercolini pears in 10 kg plastic crates arrived in Munich. ApplesThe week was characterized by quiet sales. As usual, German parties formed the basis of the range: Elstar, Braeburn and Golden Delicious had gained in importance, Jonagold and Holsteiner Cox had lost in importance. Club varieties such as Kanzi, Jazz and Royal Gala mainly came from Italy. Grapes In terms of the composition of the assortment, not much had changed: South African imports still ...
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