Poland is a leading cheese producer; exports are growing

Updated Nov 20, 2023
As he said, the beginnings of industrial cheese production in our country date back to the mid-19th century and are associated with the town of Wieprz near Żywiec, where the first industrial cheese factory was established, but the actual production of cheese on a larger scale began in the post-war period. Currently, Poland is the fourth producer of cheese in the EU, after Germany (2.3 million tons), France (1.9 million tons) and Italy (1.4 million tons), and ranks fifth in the world ranking. The leader in global production is the USA (approximately 6.2 million tons).
Cottage cheese dominates In the years 2000-2022, the volume of their production doubled, and since Poland's accession to the EU in 2004, it has increased by 71%. up to 992 thousand tone. The production structure is dominated by cottage cheese - 52%. share, ripening rennet cheeses constitute 39%, processed cheeses - 8%. The increase in production is accompanied by a constant tendency to expand the product range, both among rennet ripening cheeses and cottage cheese. Particularly noteworthy are the so-called rennet ripening cheeses. yellow cheeses. In 2022, the production value of these cheeses accounted for 17.6%. value of sold production of the dairy industry and amounted to approximately PLN 9.1 billion. In the years 2000-2022, the production of ripening cheeses increased from 148,000. tons to 384 thousand tons, i.e. 2.6 times. The production of fresh and cottage cheese was characterized by a slightly slower growth rate, which increased almost twice in the analyzed period, i.e. ...
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