Price increases in vegetables are expected due to drought in Jalisco, Mexico

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Published Nov 8, 2023

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The drought in Jalisco, Mexico is causing a shortage of water and affecting vegetable crops, leading to a potential increase in prices. The drought in Michoacán, a major vegetable supplier for Jalisco, is exacerbating the situation. Experts predict that there could be food shortages in the beginning of next year, and if the poor weather continues for another year, the situation could worsen, especially considering global events such as conflicts in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and Hamas.
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The price of potatoes, carrots and other vegetables will not decrease and on the contrary could continue to increase due to the drought that Jalisco is facing, worsened by the poor weather this year. The average price of potatoes and carrots this week is around 30 pesos per kilo, but at the end of the year it could increase more. "There is a drought in Michoacán and Michoacán is one of the major suppliers of vegetables for Jalisco. There is a drought in the state of Jalisco and there is a shortage of water everywhere, in other words there is no water. Vegetables are regularly grown in fields with high humidity and There is no humidity," explained Pedro Romero, a vegetable merchant at Mercado de Abastos. According to data from CONAGUA, this storm rained 25 to 30% less than the last 30 years and as of October 15, 77 municipalities in Jalisco have some degree of drought. According to the professor of the University Center of Biological and Agricultural Sciences and member of the ...
Source: Milenio
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