Prices, Coldiretti, -50% corn in Italy, cows and pigs on a diet, Prandini, rethink the common agricultural policy in Italy

Maize (Corn)
Market & Price Trends
Published Oct 29, 2023

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The cultivation of corn in Italy has decreased by 50% in the last twenty years, resulting in a crisis for dairy and meat farms that rely on it. The decrease is due to production costs, climate changes, and imports from abroad, including from war-torn Ukraine. Italy currently only produces 53% of its national corn needs, with the deficit being covered by imports, which reached a record 6.9 billion kilos in 2022.
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Goodbye corn in Italy where the cultivation of the main food for cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks has halved (-50%) in the last twenty years due to production costs, climate changes and imports from abroad which expose Italy to the consequences of international tensions such as the war in Ukraine. This is what emerges from the Coldiretti analysis presented on the occasion of the Agricultural and Livestock Fair of Montichiari (Brescia), the most important Italian event at an international level dedicated to breeding where the Minister of Agriculture and Sovereignty is present for the Coldiretti conference Food Francesco Lollobrigida. Corn, the basis of the diet for dairy and meat farms that supply the pantries of Italian families with products, is experiencing a profound crisis - explains Coldiretti - with the areas dropped from 1.06 million hectares in 2000 to just over 500,000 hectares in 2023 and grain production increased in the same period from 10.2 million ...
Source: Agricolae
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