Prices for Chilean salmon for delivery to the US, Brazil and China increased over Easter

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Published Apr 11, 2024

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In week 13, the average wholesale prices for trim D Atlantic salmon fillets in Miami saw a slight increase to $6.31 per pound, marking a minor rise from the previous week, yet remaining lower than the prices from the same period last year. Concurrently, in anticipation of Easter, when fish consumption typically rises, prices are expected to increase in Chile due to a seasonal production decrease from January to April. Additionally, the wholesale prices for fresh Atlantic salmon destined for Brazil and China experienced hikes, reaching $9.37/kg and $13.36/kg respectively for fresh whole Chilean Atlantic salmon over 6 kg, inclusive of shipping and freight costs. Despite these increases, the price in China is still notably lower than it was a year ago.
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Average wholesale prices for trim D Atlantic salmon fillets delivered to Miami were $6.31 per pound in week 13, up $0.03 per pound compared to week 12. The price was $0.29 per pound lower than the price during the same week last year. Prices in Chile typically rise between January and April due to a decline in local production, according to a Chilean industry official. A second official noted on March 11 that prices were expected to correct previous losses ahead of the Easter holiday, when fish consumption typically rises. Meanwhile, wholesale prices for fresh Atlantic salmon destined for Brazil rose to $9.37/kg in week 13, up $0.39/kg from the previous week. In China, the price of fresh whole ...
Source: Fishretail
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