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Prices of organic fodder and protein crops on the rise in Switzerland

Prix des fourragères et des protéagineux bios en hausse
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May 19, 2022
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At the Reference Price Roundtable on May 17, 2022, representatives of producers, feed manufacturers and importers changed the reference prices for Bud feed grains. The reference prices increase by two francs for barley and triticale, by three francs for grain corn and fodder rye and by four francs for fodder wheat and oats. The increase in reference prices is even more marked for protein crops: It is fifteen francs for soybeans and lupins, eleven francs for fava beans and six francs for protein peas. Representatives of breeders supported these price increases from which field crop producers will benefit. On the one hand, this makes it possible to cover the increases in production costs (fuel, machinery) of arable farms, and on the other to take into account the strong demand for protein crops. Based on the increase in reference prices, the increase expected for the indigenous share (from 60 to 80 percent) and the increase in import prices, a very sharp increase in prices is to be ...
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