Vietnam: Protect consumers against counterfeit goods and intellectual property rights infringement

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Published Jan 4, 2024

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Counterfeit and smuggled goods, particularly sugar, are a significant problem in Vietnam, impacting consumer health and the national economy. TTC AgriS, the company behind the Mimosa sugar brand, is committed to providing high-quality, genuine sugar products. The Vietnamese government has strict penalties in place for those involved in the production and trade of counterfeit and smuggled goods, including fines and potential imprisonment.
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The problem of counterfeit goods and goods infringing intellectual property rights is widespread, especially during the peak period at the end of the year before the holiday season, not only harming the interests of consumers, but also directly affecting the economy. business competitiveness. Black spot of fake and counterfeit products at the border In recent years, the amount of smuggled sugar entering the Vietnamese market has increased sharply, especially sugar smuggled across the border, putting the sugar industry in a difficult position. While branded sugar producers must invest heavily in production lines, to ensure physical and chemical standards, color, labels, packaging... to protect maximum benefits for consumers. ; However, smuggled and fake sugar products still openly enter the market. Smuggled sugar from Thailand and Cambodia into Vietnam mainly through the southwestern border provinces of Dong Thap, An Giang, Long An, Tay Ninh and Kien Giang. Normally, smuggled sugar ...
Source: Agriculture
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