Protests in France do not increase vegetable prices in the EU

Published Feb 2, 2024

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Spanish fruit and vegetable exports to France are facing serious disruptions due to ongoing farmer protests, according to Fepex, the Spanish association of fruit and vegetable producers and exporters. Several trucks have been stopped and their contents destroyed, impacting products such as peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, citrus fruits, and strawberries. Despite these disruptions, there is no shortage and prices for Spanish products are decreasing. However, transport companies are incurring higher fuel costs from detours, leading to weekly losses of thousands of euros.
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The supply of Spanish products has seriously complicated the protests of farmers in France. Several trucks are stopped, their contents are unloaded and destroyed. However, prices for Spanish products are mostly decreasing and there is no shortage. This is reported by Groenten&Fruit. It said Fepex, the Spanish association of fruit and vegetable producers and exporters, said the disruptions were serious. The most exported vegetables in January and therefore the most affected are peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and cabbage, while fruits are citrus and strawberries. Transport company Winde/GTFrance says on behalf of transport and logistics in the Netherlands that detours lead to higher fuel costs, among other things. His company tries to pass those costs on to customers, but they can't always afford it. Due to the bypass, losses amount to thousands of euros per week. In January 2023, Spanish companies exported approximately 104,503 tons ...
Source: Agrotimes
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