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Research in Australia unlocks faba bean gall disease

Updated Apr 27, 2021
Faba bean is of critical importance for food security in Ethiopia, and faba bean gall disease is especially devastating for this East African community. It is also known to attack field peas and clover growing nearby, and poses a serious international biosecurity risk for its potential to be accidentally introduced into other countries, including Australia. Australia is the world's leading exporter of faba bean, producing up to 500,000 tonnes annually and supplying one-third of faba bean traded internationally. The grain legume is mainly grown in the cropping systems of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. In world-first findings published in the international journal Plant Pathology, Martin Barbetti and Mingpei You from the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment and UWA Institute of Agriculture have definitively proven that the pathogen Physoderma viciae is the cause of faba bean gall disease. For decades, researchers around the world had tried and ...
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