Rosselkhoznadzor is concerned about the spread of FMD strain, exotic for Russia

Updated Mar 18, 2023
Rosselkhoznadzor expressed concern about the spread of FMD serotype SAT-2 in the Middle East and Western Asia. Experts of the department emphasize that this serotype is exotic for the Eurasian continent, including Russia, and its introduction into the territory of our country may threaten the loss of the well-being status and restrictions on product exports.
“Rosselkhoznadzor expresses concern about the spread of the foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype SAT-2 (South Africa Territories 2), which is exotic for Russia, outside the African region and the subsequent registration of the first foci of this disease in the countries of the Middle East - Jordan and Iraq, as well as Turkey,” the report says. services. Experts of the department draw attention to the fact that now this strain shows more aggressive infectious activity compared to epizootic isolates of other FMD serotypes circulating in the region. Experts explained that SAT-2 (South Africa Territories 2) is an exotic serotype not only for Russia, but also for the countries of the Eurasian continent as a whole. This serotype is currently circulating in the African wild. Earlier in the Middle East, the SAT-2 serotype caused FMD outbreaks in 2000 in Saudi Arabia and in 2012 in Palestine. Rosselkhoznadzor experts reported that the first clinical manifestations of the disease were ...
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