Russia gives Smena 9 chicken crossbreed another shot

Updated Feb 15, 2023
New tests of the Russian Smena 9 crossbreed have been launched by 5 poultry farms, hoping to confirm its presumably high production potential, Sergey Lakhtyukhov, general director of the Russian national union of poultry producers, disclosed, speaking during the AGROS-2023 industry conference in Moscow.
New trials have been launched by leading Russian poultry producers, Lakhtyukhov said, expressing confidence that they could show “the real figures and performance of this crossbreed”. The Russian poultry industry generally expects Smena 9 to be superior on 70 production indicators compared with the most popular imported crossbreeds, and almost twice as cheap. The result of the previous trials of Smena 9 appeared to be discouraging, though the exact figures have never been disclosed. Lakhtyukhov explained that those trials were carried out in “inappropriate conditions”. In particular, he said that last time, Smena 9 chicks were placed in old poultry houses with poor animal welfare conditions and elevated veterinary risks. In addition, during the previous trial, farmers had no opportunity to use feed specially designed for this crossbreed, Lakhtyukhov said. Russian scientists working on Smena 9 promised to make all necessary amendments for the new trials. Although the trials are yet ...
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