Russian sugar exporters have begun to master motor transport

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Published Oct 28, 2023

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Russia is expected to increase sugar exports in October to over 100 thousand tons compared to 80 thousand tons in September, according to Vadim Gomoz, director of the portal. This increase in exports is due to a shift in transportation methods, with more sugar being transported by road instead of rail to countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Gomoz also mentioned that the beet sugar industry has found a solution to its problems by redirecting beet pulp exports from Europe to Asian markets such as China, Turkey, and Morocco.
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Moscow. 27th October. INTERFAX.RU - Russia may increase sugar exports in October to more than 100 thousand tons from 80 thousand tons in September, director of the portal Vadim Gomoz predicted at the Russian Plant Growing conference. He also said that exporters are increasingly using vehicles this season. Previously, the main shipments to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, for example, went by rail. “And now they are transporting, but significantly less than this direction is capable of providing. So far we see that most of them are traveling by road, which has never happened before. Russian logistics has never made it possible to effectively transport sugar by road to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, now this is possible due to for the difference in price," the expert said. As stated in his presentation, the cost of producing sugar from raw sugar in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is about 77 rubles per kg (excluding duties and VAT), the current price of sugar in Russia is 53 rubles per kg ...
Source: Interfax
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