Serious livestock diseases in South Africa threaten borders

Published Mar 19, 2024

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South Africa's livestock industry is facing potential threats from diseases such as East Coast Fever, January Disease, and Rinderpest, progressing southward from other parts of Africa. Veterinarian Faffa Malan emphasizes the importance of biosecurity, for which producers must take responsibility. Another significant threat is brucellosis, a contagious disease with no known cure, which can spread rapidly and requires infected animals to be slaughtered. Producers are legally required to vaccinate heifers against brucellosis. Despite these challenges, progress is being made in the development and production of livestock vaccines in South Africa.
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Serious livestock diseases that can damage the livestock industry of South Africa have progressed southward from Africa to the country's borders and into neighboring countries. Biosecurity, for which producers themselves must take responsibility, is the most important solution to this problem. This warning comes from the well-known veterinarian, doc Faffa Malan, who recently spoke at a Pinzgauer farmer's day at the Afridome in Paris. Dr Angela Buys from Design Biologix informed producers about the progress being made with the development and production of livestock vaccines in South Africa as well as the damage that infectious manure can cause for cattle producers. Read more about biosecurity and livestock diseases here. East Coast Fever and January Disease Doc Faffa said that although East Coast Fever and January Disease (a milder form of East Coast Fever) last occurred in South Africa in the early fifties, as far as is known, this disease is caused by the Theileria parva ...
Source: Agriorbit
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