China: Shanghai strawberries set sights on Middle Eastern markets

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Hong Kong
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Published Apr 12, 2024

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For over four decades, the town of Baihe near Shanghai has been celebrated for its strawberry farming, achieving protected geographical indication status for its produce. Recently, local farmers, including the Shanghai Shumei Fruit Co. Ltd., have initiated efforts to tap into international markets, with their first shipment of strawberries sent to Hong Kong. Spanning over 420 hectares, Baihe's strawberry farms yield more than 10,000 metric tons of strawberries each year, contributing significantly to the area's agricultural output. Despite facing challenges such as extreme weather conditions and pressures from the domestic market, growers are now setting their sights on overseas markets, especially in the Middle East where there's a strong demand for imported strawberries due to the challenges of local cultivation, with Egypt and Turkey being notable exceptions.
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For more than 40 years, the town of Baihe near Shanghai has been famous for strawberry cultivation. In fact, Baihe strawberries are protected by geographical indication and enjoy a distinct reputation on China’s domestic strawberry market. In an attempt to broaden their horizons, some of Baihe’s strawberry growers have recently started laying the groundwork for shipments to overseas markets. Shanghai Shumei Fruit Co. Ltd. is one such pioneer, which has obtained the necessary registration from customs authorities to grow fruit for export. At the end of March, the company shipped its first batch of strawberries to Hong Kong, comprising 36 boxes weighing 15 kilograms each, testing the waters for broader exports of Baihe strawberries to international markets. Strawberries are the primary agricultural product cultivated by Shanghai Shumei Fruit Co. Ltd. on its 27 hectares of land, which is also used to grow corn, tomatoes and other crops. The total strawberry cultivation area in Baihe ...
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