Situation on agricultural markets in Poland

Published Oct 8, 2021

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the analysis of the situation on agricultural markets in selected sectors. The collected information comes largely from the Delegates and employees of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Agriculture. The situation on the agricultural markets in the cereals sector was as follows. In September this year, cereal prices remained at the highest level since 2012/2013. Purchase prices were high, where over 1000 zlotys were paid per ton of wheat.

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The price of fodder rye has increased sharply in recent days - to the level of PLN 900 / t. Triticale can be sold for PLN 960-970 / t. Before the harvest in September, maize prices were up to PLN 1,100 / t. A sharp decline is expected in October due to the influx of maize from the new harvest. Harvesting has already begun for the early varieties of grain maize, as well as maize grown in lighter soils. Currently, the prevailing weather conditions are favorable for harvesting. The reported yields are high, reaching 10 t / ha. As the harvest progresses, the yield should be even higher. It is estimated that many farmers will decide to sell wet maize, given the significant increase in energy and grain drying costs. This will largely depend on the weather conditions at harvest and the pace of harvesting. The offered prices for wet maize (30% moisture) are currently in the range of PLN 580-660 / t. The situation on the agricultural markets in the rapeseed sector is characterized by a ...
Source: SwiatRolnika
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