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Vietnamese farmers turn steep hills into areas to grow what kind of fruit trees that make money?

Updated Mar 24, 2022
Mai Son district (Son La) was formerly considered the "capital" of agricultural products of maize, cassava... but in recent years the land has been degraded, corn has depreciated, and the hills have begun to be abandoned. Stemming from practical requirements, Mai Son district has guidelines and policies to convert inefficient maize and cassava land to fruit trees, creating a large raw material area with key export products. such as dragon fruit, mango... bring high income to farmers.
As a result, many farmers in Mai Son district have turned the arid, sloping land into fruit-growing areas, covering the inefficient agricultural land with green. In the process of pruning dragon fruit pillars, Mrs. Do Thi Phuong, Thanh Cong sub-zone, Na Bo commune, Mai Son district (Son La) stopped and confided: In the past, when mentioning Na Bo, people immediately think of the tops. hills full of cassava, corn, or wastelands full of shrubs. People from year to year plant only one crop; seed and fertilizer costs, so the whole year's income is insignificant. Therefore, when the district had a policy of planting fruit trees on sloping land, my family invested in converting 4,000m2 of land, the family planted over 800 pillars of red flesh dragon fruit, took proper care of the process and implemented it. Strictly follow the steps of fertilizing, so that all dragon fruit products of Ms. Phuong's family are purchased by cooperatives, enterprises and exporters in the garden. "Last year, ...
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