Southern Brazil leads flour consumption

Wheat Flour
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Published Nov 28, 2023

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The southern region of Brazil leads in the consumption of wheat flour, surpassing the national average. Santa Catarina is the top state in consumption, followed by Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná. The war in Ukraine has caused a decrease in wheat production globally, creating a gap in the market and emphasizing the need for Brazil to be more self-sufficient in wheat production. Despite weather difficulties, the new harvest in Paraná has led to significant devaluations in prices.
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In 2023, there will be a decrease in the consumption of wheat flour across the country, with the exception of the South region. This reduction, compared to 2022, highlights the versatility of the product, widely used in various applications, from baking to thickening of sauces and soups. The variation in consumption reflects regional dynamics and highlights the importance of this ingredient in Brazilian cuisine. The war in Ukraine, one of the world's main wheat producers, resulted in a halving of wheat production in the country. This created a gap in the global market, highlighting the need for independence in wheat production in Brazil. In September this year, Brazilian producers were focused on the weather due to the rains in the South, especially in Rio Grande do Sul, which presented a greater risk of damage due to the stages of crops. Despite the difficulties arising from adverse weather ...
Source: Agrolink
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