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Published Oct 28, 2023

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The end of the Central European lettuce season saw a decrease in supply and a decrease in quality, leading to significant price differences for butter lettuce and iceberg lettuce. Spanish products dominated the market and were popular due to their attractive price. German products regained popularity in the apple market, while Italian products were prominent in the pear, grape, and mandarin markets. Dutch, Spanish, and Turkish products formed the basis of the paprika market, with prices often showing an upward trend due to reduced availability and higher costs.
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The end of the Central European lettuce season was in sight and this was noticeable for several reasons. On the one hand, there was a decrease in supply from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, and on the other hand, the quality no longer met expectations. This led to significant price differences being found in some cases for butter lettuce and iceberg lettuce. According to BLE data, this trend was further reinforced by several days of absence from certain areas of origin and by returns from retail. Offers with convincing quality, sometimes from controlled cultivation, were often offered at a higher price. Spanish products dominated the market and were popular because of their attractive price. Variegated lettuce varieties mainly came from Germany, while Belgian batches filled the shelves in stores. Sales remained stable, although prices fluctuated and eventually fell slightly. The season started with the availability of the first Italian endive in cities such as Hamburg, ...
Source: AGF
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