Spanish pistachio growers set to grow on US example

Updated Jun 3, 2023
The president of the European Pistachio Council, Carlos Suárez, and his American counterpart, Richard Matoian, have signed an agreement that will allow them to "share information, organize conferences and joint visits, and identify future collaborative projects." Carlos Suárez points out that "Spain and some producing areas of Mediterranean Europe are experiencing the emergence of pistachio but, compared
to California, we are like a drop of water in the ocean." Europe is not a rival to the United States in this crop. Spain will triple its current production in 2028 but in 2023 it will harvest some four thousand five hundred tons, a figure that is very far from the United States, located at five hundred and ninety thousand tons. There are differences between both models. The Californian pistachio is based on intensive, high-yield irrigated systems, while the Spanish one is mostly rainfed or with support irrigation. However, Spain has the possibility of becoming the fourth largest producer in the world thanks to the large area available for its ...
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