Stop importing calves from Ireland- Dutch politician

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Published Feb 9, 2024

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The Dutch House of Representatives has approved a motion to investigate the import of calves, particularly from Ireland, due to concerns over animal welfare and health issues. The motion, proposed by Tjeerd de Groot and Pieter Grinwis, received 131 votes in favor and 19 against. The next steps the Dutch government will take in response to this motion are currently unknown. However, the article lacks substantial information and only refers to a function named 'checkWhatsApp'.
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A motion to review the imports of calves to the Netherlands was recently passed in the Dutch House of Representatives. When debating the motion in the Hague, the subject of Irish calves being exported to the Netherlands was raised by Dutch politicians. One call came from the leader of the Party for the Animals and its parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, Esther Ouwehand, to “stop importing calves from Ireland“. The motion was put forward by House of Representatives member members Tjeerd de Groot and Pieter Grinwis on the size and interests of Dutch dairy farming in the organisation of veal farming. Taking into account that just “10% of the veal produced in the Netherlands is consumed by Dutch people,” the motion referred to the large numbers of calf imports into the country. It stated: “The Netherlands imports approximately 800,000 calves annually, fattens 1.8 million calves and slaughters more than 1.5 million calves. “There are many animal welfare and health ...
Source: AgriLand
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