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Why is the global trade in hazelnuts falling?

Updated Mar 18, 2021
What is the reason for this situation in the world market and what this can mean for producers in our region, analysts of the Georgian office of EastFruit tried to figure it out. Indeed, for Georgia, hazelnuts remain the main source of export earnings in the agricultural sector, after, of course, Georgian wine. Graph 1: Average annual changes in world trade volumes for almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios over 5 years Data source: trademap Production and trade in hazelnuts is highly concentrated. The largest producer and exporter of hazelnuts in the world is Turkey. Turkey accounts for over 70% of world production and about 75% of world exports. The remaining 25% of trade is with Italy, Azerbaijan, USA, Chile, Georgia and Iran. Graph 2: Structure of hazelnut kernel production by countries of the world Source: INC In 2020, compared to 2019, the volume of hazelnut exports from Turkey decreased by 19%, which reduced the revenue from the export of hazelnuts of this country by ...
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