Italy: Strawberries are regaining strength, radicchio is at its best, and courgettes are doing poorly

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Published Mar 28, 2024

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The article provides insights into the agricultural market trends around Easter week, focusing on the fruit and vegetable sector. It highlights a recovery in strawberry prices and a notable increase in demand for asparagus, despite a drop in its prices. Tarocco oranges see stable prices with less demand, while courgettes and peppers continue to face a price crisis. There's a high availability and demand for beans and artichokes, with beans experiencing significant price drops. Radicchio prices have slightly increased due to reduced production, marking it as a top performer in market demand or quality, contrasting with the underperforming courgettes. The end of the fennel campaign in Campania has led to slight price increases, and potatoes remain stable in the market.
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According to Bmti findings, the demand for asparagus is also increasing, but prices are falling. Potatoes stable, peppers still down The news arriving from the fruit and vegetable markets in Easter week sees strawberries recovering compared to last week, followed closely by fennel. According to Bmti data, the prices of radicchio remain very high, while the crisis continues for courgettes and peppers, which are experiencing further price decreases. Oranges, subdued question For Tarocco oranges, March ends with stable prices, at levels lower than the last campaign, especially for the small-sized product, which still shows high availability. While the Italian orange campaign is coming to an end, the blond ones from Egypt continue to arrive, in particular the late Valencia variety, with an average price for the period. However, demand remains subdued. Bending asparagus Sharp increase in demand for asparagus with the arrival of Easter. However, prices have dropped, to allow for better ...
Source: Terraevita
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