Vietnam: Strong demand makes China not only increase chili imports but also expand production abroad

Dried Whole Chili Pepper
Published Jun 6, 2021

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Chili is a popular consumable item in China. The country is not only the leading producer of chili peppers in the world, but also a major importer and exporter of chili peppers.

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Chinese-produced chili is characterized by a beautiful red color, moderate spiciness. China is the world's largest chili exporter for many years in a row, to the following markets: Korea, Japan, Mexico, Australia, the US and Southeast Asian countries; The main export products are frozen fresh chili, dried chili, paprika, chili sauce, canned chili, and some other products. Each year, China exports about 70,000 tons of chili powder and dried chili, to markets such as Spain, Mexico, the United States and countries in Southeast Asia…. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, chili prices in China dropped sharply, making this country's chili growers not much interested in chili plants. That combined with bad weather caused the country's chili production to plummet, pushing prices up sharply in early 2021, having a ripple effect on the prices of chili peppers in neighboring countries, including Vietnam. Chili prices in China started to increase from November 2020, and by the beginning ...
Source: Vinanet
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