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South Korea: Supply of 2035 tons of rice, soybean, and red beans to the government

벼·콩·팥 정부보급종 2035t 공급…잔량 소진까지 구매 가능
This news article has been translated to English.
May 9, 2022
From Donga
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The National Seed Resources announced on the 9th that additional government-supplied varieties of rice, beans, and red beans can be applied to farms in need of additional government-supplied varieties and can be purchased until the remaining amount is exhausted. The total supply is 2035 tons, of which 1983 tons are rice. There are 18 varieties, including Koshihikari, Dongjinchal, Mipom, Samgwang, Saebonghwang, Saeilmi, Shindongjin, Youngjin, Odae, Oryun, Ilmi, Ilpom, Jomyeong No. The purchase price is 49,020 won (buckwheat rice) and 59,820 won (glutinous rice) per 20 kg.
Beans cost 29,410 won per 5 kg for 49 tons of one variety (Daewon), and red beans cost 45,030 won per 5 kg for 3 tons of one kind (Arari). In units of 20 kg for rice and 5 kg for beans and red beans, you can apply until the remaining amount is exhausted through the National Seed Resources Seed Civil Service ( or supply support for each variety. You can also receive seeds delivered by courier (5,500 won per 20 kg delivery fee prepaid). The National Seed Resources said, “When applying for non-poisoned rice seeds among government-supplied species, it is recommended to sterilize the seeds through hot water disinfection and sterilization by immersion in a chemical to prevent rice kidney disease.” [Sejong = News] I like the image sad image ...
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