Swansong harvest: Phitsanulok villagers in Thailand gather rare talipot palm fruits

Published Dec 11, 2023

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Residents of Moo 4 village in Hua Ror subdistrict harvested rare talipot palm fruit to turn into sweets for sale, raising funds for their neighborhood temple, Wat Ta Pakhao Hai. The harvesting process involved an experienced climber due to the trees being over 30 meters tall. This rare fruit is scarce, with the last harvest two years ago yielding 70,000 baht in sales, and this year's harvest expected to result in up to 500 jars of the preserved fruit being sold to raise funds for the temple's improvement.
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Approximately 20 residents of Moo 4 village in Hua Ror subdistrict, arrived to collect the rare talipot palm fruit. Their plan is to turn these fruits into sweets for sale and raise funds for their neighbourhood temple, Wat Ta Pakhao Hai. Since the trees are more than 30 metres tall, the harvesting process involved the expertise of an experienced climber – Uncle Prawit Noitoi, 68, the lay secretary-general of the temple. Pinphet Poolsawat, chief of the Hua Ror subdistrict, said talipot palm fruits are very scarce and there are very few of these trees in her area. The talipot fruit is rare because the tree only flowers when it is 30 to 80 years old, and it takes about a year for the fruit to mature. The plant dies after fruiting. Pinphet said since the fruits are so rare, the committee in charge of the temple’s management will boil them in syrup before selling and raising funds for the temple’s improvement. She said the last time a talipot palm yielded fruit was two years ago, and ...
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