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Turkey: Tax rates on imports of agricultural and food products have changed, additional financial obligations

Updated Jun 22, 2021
With the Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette, customs tax rates for imports of some agricultural and food products were rearranged, while additional financial obligations were introduced for some countries, with exceptions. The Decision to Amend the Import Regime Decision (Decision Number: 4107) was published in the Official Gazette dated 22 June 2021. Customs duty on garlic imports changed, additional financial obligation came While the imports of fresh and dried garlic and dried garlic were regulated as “0” for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, customs duty rates for imports from other countries changed. Pursuant to the footnotes added to the end of the table, imports of fresh and dried garlic are 764 dollars/ton with customs duty rates for other countries except Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo; On the other hand, for the import of dried garlic, an additional financial obligation of 709 dollars per ton will be applied in addition to the customs duty for countries ...
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