The 2024 durian picking date in eastern Thailand has been finalized!

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Published Feb 27, 2024

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To ensure the quality of Thai durians and prevent substandard products from entering the market, Thai authorities have established specific picking dates for different durian varieties in 2024. These include April 15 for Jialun durians, May 5 for Qingni and Tomani durians, and May 20 for Jinzhen durians. Additionally, the dry weight percentage of the pulp is regulated based on the durian type. Farmers are mandated to test durian samples before picking. Despite growing competition from Vietnam, Thai durian exports to China are expected to increase by 12% to US$4.5 billion in 2024.
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According to Thai media reports, in order to maintain the good image of Thai durians, crack down on early picking, and strictly prevent inferior durians from being launched on the market, relevant Thai departments have recently finalized the 2024 eastern durian picking date. The mining date of Jialun durian is April 15, 2024; the mining date of Qingni and Tomani durian is May 5; the mining date of Jinzhen durian is May 20. In addition, the dry weight percentage of the pulp is stipulated according to the durian variety, among which the Jalun durian is not less than 27%, the Qingni durian is not less than 30%, the Tomani durian is not less than 30%, and the Golden Pillow durian is not less than 32%. . The eastern region of Thailand is the main producing area of Thai durian, which is on the market earlier than other regions. Farmers need to take durian samples to designated locations for testing before picking, and certificates will be issued to those who pass the test. Kasikorn ...
Source: Guojiguoshu
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