The abnormal heat in Italy lowers the prices of chestnuts and lettuces

Published Oct 11, 2023

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The Bmti findings show that the prices of courgettes, apples, and fennel are decreasing, while persimmons are on the rise and pumpkins remain stable. High temperatures have discouraged purchases, particularly for lettuces and chestnuts, causing prices to decline. Despite the lower prices, the quality of the products remains good.
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According to Bmti findings, courgettes, apples and fennel are also decreasing. Persimmons on the rise, pumpkins stable Khaki, high temperatures discourage purchases The Italian persimmon campaign is progressing smoothly, even if high temperatures have a negative impact on production, resulting in little interest from consumers. There are fair quantities of apple persimmons marketed from Spain. The sale of the Campania vanilla variety has also begun. Prices currently remain at higher levels than the previous year also due to increases in production costs. Chestnuts at a low price despite good quality Chestnut prices plummet. New production is affected by the continuation of high temperatures, which translates into low demand which pushes prices downwards. The quality was good, thanks to the favorable climate of the previous months. Finocchi, the descent continues Prices for fennel continue to fall. Fucino production is proceeding at a good pace, allowing the entry of high ...
Source: Terraevita
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