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The Argentine Peanut Chamber met with Minister Kulfas

Updated Oct 27, 2021
The Chamber, representing the sector, met with the head of the
Ministry of Productive Development of the Nation, to address the need to eliminate the withholdings in the export of this product and review the reference prices. The commercial importance of the sector is given that Argentina is the largest peanut producer in Latin America and the first exporter worldwide.
On Monday, October 25, the Argentine Peanut Chamber (CAM) met with the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, to discuss the situation of the peanut industry, reinforcing the link between the ministry and this regional economy, key to the Argentine export of agroindustrial products. On behalf of the CAM, Ivana Cavigliaso, president; Diego Yabes; vice president and Elvio Cerutti, treasurer of the institution. The exclusive issues that the CAM wanted to raise were export duties and reference prices. The sector had recently sent a letter to different ministers, including Kulfas and the Minister of Agriculture Julián Domínguez, to urgently address these issues that are strategic for the peanut farmers. In the letter, they had stated that "this key sector of the national economy that is affected by a series of national policies that negatively impact the possibilities of investment, production, added value, generation of employment and exports of the entire country. ...
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