Spain: The beef carcass market gains optimism

Frozen Bone-In Beef
Market & Price Trends
Published Nov 26, 2023

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This week, there have been slight price increases in beef carcasses for male animals, leading to optimism in the industry. The market for live animal exports to third countries is waiting for issues in Libya to be resolved and for agreed purchases from Lebanon to materialize, which would increase demand and prices of meat. Despite the tight market and problems with supply, orders from abroad and the preparation for the Christmas campaign are supporting increased consumption and potential price increases.
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This week, price repetitions predominated in beef carcasses, but with a certain optimistic tone according to sector sources, since slight increases were recorded in males. Regarding the departure of live animals to third countries, Morocco remains active and is waiting for the Libyan issues to be resolved and the agreed purchases from Lebanon to materialize. As soon as these destinations are activated, meat will rise because the market is very tight. With respect to meat, Italy has raised prices which favors the entry of our meat into the European market. According to sources from the Ebro Market, beef carcasses maintain the equilibrium trend, but with the arrival of cold weather, demand awakens, but still not enough to allow prices to rise and therefore also raise the price of the meat. The supply is short, with problems finding pesos, but sufficient for demand. Orders from abroad are more encouraged and demand continues, especially the higher categories destined for the European ...
Source: Agropopular
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