Spain: The DO Calasparra rice campaign

Saint Barthélemy
Published Nov 3, 2022

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José Martínez, president of the Calasparra Denomination of Origin, in the Region of Murcia, intervened in the broadcast of AGROPOPULAR on October 29 to talk about the rice campaign. They were harvesting the Balillax Sollana variety and had already finished harvesting all the Bomba variety. He detailed on the air that despite the fact that the data "is being devastating throughout Spain", the DO Calasparra is being the exception.

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"We have had higher yields in Bomba around 23% kilos per hectare compared to last year," he said. «Prices have to skyrocket because the rice farmer can no longer take it» Regarding the quality, he explained that at the moment it is excellent. "The average yields are higher than 65% in the Bomba variety and the prices have to skyrocket because the farmer, especially the rice farmer, can no longer do it." He concluded his speech by recalling that they are the only high-mountain Designation of Origin rice and that they were scheduled to start ...
Source: Agropopular
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