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The EU has allowed the sale of vegetable meat substitutes called "vegetarian sausage"

Updated Oct 27, 2020
During the vote on Friday, October 23, 2020, the majority of EU legislators did not support the submitted draft act prepared by the Committee on Agriculture. The document was initiated and submitted for discussion by MEPs under pressure from agricultural unions. According to the rejected proposal, "terms and names related to meat (…) should be assigned exclusively to those parts of animals that are fit for human consumption." For example, such terms as steak, sausage, schnitzel, hamburger were given. The European Parliament's refusal to support the proposed restrictions was praised by the European Consumer Protection Organization (BEUC), calling the decision "good news". However, for herbal substitutes for dairy products, restrictions on labeling at the time of sale will continue. That is, in the EU there will be no products marked "soy milk" or "vegetable cheese" on store shelves. The only exceptions are such long-established terms as "peanut butter" or "coconut milk". At the ...
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