Opportunities for Vietnamese pangasius: The 'flow' of white fish before US and EU sanctions

Published Jun 18, 2022

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World trade is changing after the Russia-Ukraine conflict when the US and Western countries impose tariffs on many economic sectors of Russia. Moscow's white fish products, including cod and pollock, are under pressure to receive sanctions from the European Union (EU), although this is one of the main imports of the countries in the bloc.

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Ta Ha, a market expert for pangasius products from the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), said that Russia ranks first in global pollock catch and second in cod (Northern Atlantic Ocean). Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Black Dot). In which, Alaska pollock is Russia's main commercial resource, accounting for 35% of total exports. Compared to the US, the EU seafood market depends more on white fish products imported from Russia because this is an important raw material group with the largest import proportion, accounting for 95% in the meat fish processing industry. EU white. VASEP quoted information from Undercurrentnews, in 2021, Russia directly exports 25,000 tons of pollock products to the EU. At the same time, this country also exported 182,000 tons of gutted pollock to China. These goods are processed and re-exported to Western markets. Last year, China exported 175,000 tons of pollock fillets, most of which were produced from Russian raw materials. ...
Source: CafeF
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