Spain: The Mediterranean bluefin tuna purse seine fleet expects a favorable campaign in 2024

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Published Apr 13, 2024

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In May 2024, purse seine owners, including Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos and Balfegó, are set to participate in the Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishery, buoyed by the species' significant recovery. The season has already commenced for the Canarian artisanal fleet and in Portugal's traps, with the purse seine fleet joining on May 26. Both companies are optimistic about the upcoming season, supported by the scientific community's recommendations for a gradual quota increase by 2026. Ricardo Fuentes plans to catch 4,700 tons, and Balfegó aims for 3,100 tons, with intentions to adhere to these quotas in 2025 following Iccat agreements. The observed abundance of bluefin tuna underscores the species' positive trajectory, with Spain emerging as the leading European exporter of this prized fish, largely catering to Japan's sushi market.
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Purse seine owners will join the Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishery in May. The companies Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos and Balfegó - which bring together the purse seine fleet, the one with the greatest capacity - expect a favorable fishing campaign for Mediterranean bluefin tuna in 2024 - due to the recovery of the species, according to sources from Efeagro. the shipowners The eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna campaign has already begun for the Canarian artisanal fleet, it is at its beginning in the traps - with the first pieces in those of Portugal - and will reach its central point when the - migratory - species arrives. to Mediterranean waters and the purse seine fleet joins on May 26. Ricardo Fuentes -with a port in Cartagena (Murcia)- and Balfegó -from L'Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona)- hope that it will be a good and effective season, due to the good state of the fishery. Ricardo Fuentes has pointed out that tuna continues to have a "healthy" situation and has stressed ...
Source: PEefeagro
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