The Ministry of Agriculture predicts the growth of Russia's self-sufficiency in fruits and berries by 2030

Updated Jul 20, 2023
By 2030, the level of Russia's self-sufficiency in fruits and berries may approach 50%, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement. At the same time, last year this figure for apples reached 80%. Growth is expected due to the measures taken by state support, the department notes. Tamara Reshetnikova, CEO of Technologies of Growth, draws attention to the fact that fruits and berries are a very broad category. In addition, many fruits and berries are interchangeable if they are comparable in price. And imported goods are often cheaper than domestic ones, as a result, the consumer chooses them more often, she told Agroinvestor. “Over the past five years, the degree of provision with apples is close to 100%. At the same time, there are very few pear orchards. We mainly import pears, as well as peaches, cherries, cherries and so on. In these segments, the situation with self-sufficiency is fundamentally different. It is premature to talk about the saturation of these markets by ...
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