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Italy: The nut supply chain made in Emilia Romagna is growing

Updated Oct 10, 2022
There are 23 farms in the area, for 500 cultivated hectares: the tricolor nociculture could reach half of the internal needs in a few years.
It is still a niche production, that of Italian walnuts, if compared to a world market where about 2.3 million tons are harvested every year (90% monopoly of China, United States, Chile, Iran and Ukraine), but tricolor nociculture is becoming an increasingly widespread and profitable agricultural specialization, so much so that it is estimated that our country will be able to cover at least half of domestic demand with local products (about 50 thousand tons per year) in a few years. In this scenario, the Romagna day dedicated to walnut should be read, in its 18th edition, which was held in Forlì to take stock of the market trend and enhance the In-Noce supply chain project which five years ago saw a dozen companies from Emilia-Romagna and Marche join forces, led by the leader New Factor of Rimini, to enhance the production and washing of this precious shell fruit not only for farmers but also from a nutritional point of view, as confirmed by the constantly growing consumption in ...
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