The price of beans and chickpeas has come down, while the prices of various types of soybeans and sesame are rising

Published Jan 13, 2024

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Prices for beans and sesame have been fluctuating, with chickpea prices rising in the Yangon and Mandalay markets due to high demand and low stock. The prices for various types of beans and sesame have also increased, driven in part by China's purchasing of sesame seeds. Additionally, the low stock of old soybeans has led to an increase in price levels in the Mandalay commodity market.
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Beans, which are the main domestic consumption, showed a slight price drop, but the price of chickpeas increased again, and the prices of various kinds of beans and sesame also increased. Chickpea prices rose again in Yangon and Mandalay commodity markets. In Yangon's Burin Naung market, whole white chickpeas ranged from 5165 kyats to 5335 kyats and large white chickpeas ranged from 5330 to 5500 kyats. It has risen again above Kyats. In the Mandalay market, chickpea v2 is 310,000 Kyats. Chickpea v7 312500 kyats The price of 929 chickpeas increased by 11,000 to 12,500 kyats per bag from 293,000 to 295,000 kyats compared to the previous week. Because chickpeas are both domestically consumed and exported, the current period is experiencing a period of high demand from abroad and low stock of domestic beans, so the price has risen. the traders said. The new chickpeas will start to be released at the end of February and around March, and the traders have assessed that there is no ...
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