The price of edible palm oil in Myanmar remains at a high level

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Myanmar [Burma]
Market & Price Trends
Published Oct 19, 2023

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The basic wholesale price of edible palm oil in Myanmar decreased slightly from last week, falling by 65 kyat to 1,4274 kyats. However, in the retail market, the price remains stable around 1,8000-10,000 kyat per kyat, with variations in different regions. The market now sells more types of edible oils, such as cooking oil adulterated with peanut oil, 2 Shrimp brand oil, and sunflower cooking oil, with 2 Shrimp brand oil gaining popularity.
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Myanmar media reported that from October 16 to 22, the edible oil committee released the basic wholesale price of edible palm oil at 1,4274 kyats, a slight decrease from last week. The basic wholesale price last week was 1,4340 kyats. It fell by 65 kyat this week. ​ Although the basic wholesale price is more than 4,000 kyat per kyat, in the retail market, the price of edible palm oil is still around 1,8000-10,000 kyat per kyat. There are differences in different regions. The price has not changed significantly compared with last week and is in a stable state. . ​ The owner of a grocery store in Yangon's Yinsheng Market said that the price of edible palm oil is around 10,000 kyats, neither rising nor falling, which is similar to last week. People selling edible oil in the market now are not just selling edible palm oil. , also sells cooking oil ...
Source: Foodmate
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