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The price of honey has risen by almost a third in Ukraine

Ціна меду зросла майже на третину
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Nov 11, 2021
From Kurkul
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In Ukraine, the cost of honey has increased by almost a third. The price depends on the variety. The beekeeper from Zaporozhye Andrey Lebid told about it, transfers TSN. Sunflower, buckwheat, acacia and herbs: depending on the variety of honey in Ukraine during the year rose by 15-25%. The average market price is UAH 100 per half liter. In general, it ranges from 120-150 UAH. The increase in the price of honey is confirmed by Andriy Lebid, a beekeeper from Zaporizhia.
Among the reasons he cites the increase in demand for Ukrainian products abroad and the rise in prices for the resources needed to manufacture them. "At least all the resources for extracting this honey have doubled in price," he said. Read also: On-board honey is gaining popularity in Ukraine The rise in the price of honey corresponds to the general rise in the price of the Ukrainian food basket, economist Oleh Pendzyn explained. "We have to understand that the costs of human labor, energy, maintenance costs of apiaries have also definitely increased recently. The general tendencies ...
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