Poland: The regulation on agricultural products from Ukraine is already in force

Updated Sep 16, 2023
From September 16 this year there will be a ban on the import of certain agricultural products from Ukraine to Poland, including wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds - according to the regulation published on Friday in the Journal of Laws. The new regulations allow the transit of these goods through Poland. On Friday evening, a regulation banning the import of Ukrainian agricultural products to Poland was published in the Journal of Laws.
Earlier on Friday, Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda announced that he had signed a regulation on this matter and it was valid for an indefinite period. Product list extended According to the regulation, from September 16, it will not be possible to import wheat, corn, rapeseed or turnip rape seeds, and sunflower seeds from Ukraine to Poland. The new regulations also prohibit the import of products resulting from the processing of the above-mentioned products. cereals and seeds. This includes rapeseed cake and meal, as well as wheat and corn bran and middlings, as well as common wheat flour. "The purpose of this extension is to limit the possibility of circumventing the ban on the import of the above-mentioned raw materials by increasing the import of products resulting from their processing. This possibility is indicated by the results of trade with Ukraine in recent months," it was emphasized in the justification to the draft regulation. The regulation states ...
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