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The United States has overtaken Europe as the largest market for Norwegian seafood

Updated Feb 15, 2023
As a result, Europe has lost its role as the Scandinavian nation's largest seafood export market, to be replaced by the United States, which recorded a 59 percent increase in salmon purchases from Norway in January. According to the latest figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), the US market imported NOK 1.15 billion ($111.2 million, €103.6 million) worth of Norwegian seafood in January, representing a year-on-year increase of 41%.
In value terms, it was also the fastest growing market, with NOK 338 million ($32.7 million, €30.4 million) more purchased in January 2023 than in the previous year, despite an increase in imports of 4 % by volume. While the value of other fish sold to the US market, such as cod and haddock, has declined, exports of Norwegian salmon to the US have increased significantly, with sales of NOK 344 million (NOK 33.2 million), €31 million, with the result that the US is now the largest market for Norwegian salmon. NSC communications director Martin Skaug said salmon prices tend to be higher in overseas markets than in Europe. “Fresh whole salmon destined for the US is largely a niche market ending in the catering segment, while exports to Europe are dominated by the retail market. That explains a lot of the price difference,” says Skaug. In addition, the US dollar ...
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