Uzbekistan: There are more onions and potatoes, asparagus and apricots are already on sale, strawberries are getting cheaper - analysis of trading floors for the week

Updated Apr 24, 2023
Key highlights of the past week: — Onions overtook white cabbage in the number of listings — Strawberries in Ukraine are rapidly becoming cheaper — Sales of carrots and beets continue to fall — A new crop of asparagus from Ukraine and apricot from Uzbekistan is already on sale — There is an increased demand for past cabbage crops of the year — Tomatoes and cucumbers have fallen in price in Ukraine, but last year’s cabbage has risen in price — Onions have fallen in price in Egypt — Participants from 14 countries traded about these and other trends in the fruit and vegetable markets of the region in a weekly review of EastFruit trading platforms. The number of ads placed over the past week on the fruit and vegetable trading platform EastFruit Trade Platform decreased by 15% due to holidays in Muslim countries on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. At the same time, the geography of participants expanded to 14 countries. Again there were ads from Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Kenya and ...
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